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What are good ways to make girlfriend in college?

Someone may say: what is there to look for? After all, finding a girlfriend in college for a student is simple. The pattern is something like this: “saw – approached – had a date – now you have a girlfriend (or not).” If not, do not despair. Try again. 

And what if I never dated someone of the opposite sex? And what if I’m not such a confident person? What should I do? Do not worry, this article will definitely help you find a girl.

How to Find a Girlfriend

The thing is that, in most cases, the problem of loneliness is a problem of psychology. What stops you before you start a conversation with the opposite sex? In many cases, fear stops a person even from online dating. Fear is one of the basic feelings of a man which was very much developed in ancient times.

Fear of failure fetters the young man, does not allow you to get acquainted with the girls, which, ultimately, leads to the fact that the guy becomes, as it is trendy to say now, forever alone. By the way, that is the reason why many men turn to mail order brides. There are services which help lonely people to find their loved ones, they call such finding mail order brides. But as with any other feeling, fear can and should be worked on. 

Secrets to finding a girlfriend in college

If you are not burning with the desire to control your fear, then we will work differently. How? This technique refers to the search for a large number of girls and, as a result, the achievement of the final desired result (find a girlfriend).

If you follow this plan on how to find a girlfriend step by step, you will surely find a loved one:

  1. Work on your image

The image is a business card for a man. Moreover, this same image can say a lot about a person. Adapting all this knowledge to our goal, it should be noted that it is necessary to dress in a way that makes your image “hook” your target audience, and then you can decide which one is your ideal.

And one more piece of advice regarding the image: get enough sleep! A sleepy man, no matter how beautifully dressed, looks not very attractive. Sleep as much as you need in order to feel alert in the morning.

2. Work on your behavior

After we discussed the issue of image, it is time to talk about another important detail of how to find a girlfriend. In order for a student to find a girl, and not just find but also charm her with his actions, it is necessary to learn the following:

If it’s not your nature to walk with a straight back, head raised, then this should be learned. The thing is that when you meet directly with girls, you will talk to them. Moreover, our old friend by the name of “fear” will prevail over you almost always when it comes to communicating at the first stage of dating.

Remember when you watched any programs about animals? What animals do when they are afraid? That’s right: they try to hide, get crowded. The man also does. Now imagine: you are talking with a girl, and gradually turning into a kind of hunched old man. Moreover, this happens, one might say, spontaneously, out of habit.

However, girls always pay attention to this. And at the same time, approximately the following information is stored in their subconscious mind: this individual is not suitable for procreation, you need to look for another partner.

3. Find as many girls on the web from your college as you can

You have to surf the Internet to make as many acquaintances with girls as possible. Even if you are “terribly dull” with one, two or even ten girls (fear will affect you, your self-doubt will let you down, just anything can go wrong), you will certainly establish a relationship with any of them.

4. Communication with girls 

Don’t know what to talk about with a girl? No problem! The best phrase to start a conversation is a compliment. You must support the girl’s positive mood in various ways.

If you cope with this task, then the girl at a subconscious level will postpone information that you are a person who brings the emotional buzz. And the more often you meet and talk, the closer you get to each other. And you won’t have time to look back when you become a couple.

5. Screening out unpromising options

After weeks of hard work on finding a girlfriend, you’ll see that some participants of this contest simply do not attract you. In this case, you should forget about them and go forward.

6. Communication with the main attraction magnets

Make a list of the most pleasant girls you found. Give them more attention to finally come up with the ideal one.

7. The choice of the one

This is the final stage of the task on how to find a girlfriend. Now you don’t have to write tons of messages to different college girls. Just focus on your chosen one and give her all of yourself.

8. Enjoying a relationship

If you follow the instruction strictly, you will learn how to find a girlfriend with a 1000% guarantee.

First of all, you should always keep in mind the idea that this girl is not the last girl on the planet with whom you are obligated to have children and save humanity.

Why are we so sure that the plan will work? This plan forces you to make failures impossible. Roughly speaking, you’ll find someone based on probability theory. Remember: you do not need just “someone,” you need someone perfect.

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