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How to stay focused оn your homework when you studying?

Why can’t I focus on homework?

You are a humble student, hard-working and smart. You can demonstrate a high level of productivity when the deadline is approaching. “To study or not to study” is not the question for you. But when it comes to it, the Facebook feed seems just too interesting to close it. The Instagram stories your friends are posting do not let you lock your phone and dive into studies. You may even read a page or two and still keep thinking of the things that are far from your current subject. “Why can’t I focus on studying?” you think. And now we’ll tell you why.

There are 5 main factors that can affect your continuous concentration on what you are doing: power, emotion, involvement, arrangement, and control. Each of them plays its role in the way you do your homework, listen to the lecture, take tests, etc. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Power. Your brain for you is like an engine for the car: if there is no fuel, there is no way you will go anywhere. Do not underestimate the importance of food for your organism. By overlooking the meal you will not save your time, moreover, your productivity will decrease tremendously.

Emotion. The inner state you have determines whether you will concentrate on hw or not. You might not think it has such an influence. Just imagine: you need to study the material you truly hate, or your girlfriend just left you and you need to prepare for tomorrow’s test. Needless to say, you will fail to study anything if you are feeling low.

Involvement. To stay focused when studying, you should be fascinated by the subject. Or, at least, you should be motivated by some reward to finish the work. If there is no interest in what you are doing, you will hardly succeed in your pursuit of education.

Arrangement. The way you arrange your living also defines your concentration and consciousness. When you just go with the flow, you cannot expect your studying to be an easy and pleasant experience. In fact, if you do not know what, when and how is to be done, nothing will be a pleasant experience. The rules and habits you created drive you through the day, so take care about creating healthy ones.

Control. The pace of living nowadays is getting faster and things are changing rapidly. Do you remember taking control of where your time is going? When it comes to doing your homework, do you remember to take time to rest and study? If not, that can be an answer to the question of lost concentration.

How to concentrate on studying: tips and hints

As we described 5 things that affect your focus on homework, now let’s see what you can do to make them work for your good.

Get the energy

No, we do not mean having loads of coffee and energy drinks. Start with eating complex carbs and lots of vegetables. Do not underestimate proteins in your menu. Just give it a try and you’ll see how your concentration can increase when you eat right food.

Accept your feelings

Do not pretend to be strong all the time. Instead, let yourself feel what you feel. Even if the subject you need to work on is not the one you enjoy studying, think to yourself: “Yes, I don’t like, but still I can do it, and when it’s done, I…” and here the motivation comes.

Motivate yourself

If you couldn’t find anything interesting in your homework, think of reward you can have after the work is done. It may be having a walk, watching your favorite TV show, meeting with friends, buying new book, whatever brings you joy will work well in this case.

Create a lifestyle

Think carefully about the way you spend your days, weeks and months in terms of achieving goals. Start planning: choose the goal of the month, divide it into tasks you will do every week to achieve it and do not forget to break those weekly tasks on small daily actions. Remember, your achievements are defined by what you do every day, so do not forget to take small steps to your dream on a regular basis.

Finally, try something new. It may be turning on music for doing homework, changing the order of tasks, preparing for your classes outside.  You are free to experiment and bring novelty to your daily routine. Now, move on to creating an action plan that will suit your needs and increase your involvement in the process of studying.  Good luck!

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