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Blog - 15.10.2019

Best free online writing tools – create better content

Professional writers are skeptical about essay software that “create an environment for creativity”: either you write, or you don’t. Crutches will not help. 

But still, there are free essay writing tools that simplify the life of the author. And – they do not cause rejection. Mainly because they are useful not only to the author but to any person. In general, everything is as it should be.

Top 5 essay programs


The main function of the free essay writer program Evernote is an electronic notepad in combination with a database. In other words, the application creates and stores notes. What is the difference from a regular notebook?

  • Evernote notes can be very different: text, image/photo, list, table, note with an attached file, etc.
  • Notes can be sorted by section and assigned tags to find what you need by tags. For example, the standard use case is a cookbook, where each note is a dish, each dish is assigned labels: first, meat, Italian cuisine, etc. Subsequently, you can select and view only soups by the label, or only French dishes, etc. The same with writing: you can view only quotes by tags, only excerpts, etc.
  • Notes are available on the Evernote website and through the application on any device: write a note on the website – and after a couple of seconds, it is already on your phone.
  • You can attach reminders to notes: a letter will be sent to you by the due date.
  • Evernote has many uses in any field of activity: from the cookbook mentioned above (which is always with you even in the store when you buy food for dinner) to reminders about the deadline.


Dropbox is a cloud storage that allows you to back up files in case they are lost or lost/broken on the computer on which the files were stored. You install the program, select the folder on your computer – and then everything that appears in the folder will be synchronized with Dropbox servers. Have you made a change? The file on the server has been updated. Have you added or deleted the file? The same thing happened on the server.

Dropbox allows you to synchronize the contents of a folder not only with the server but also with other computers that are connected to the same account: for example, if you work on a desktop computer, then on a laptop, you always have the latest version of the file with you, no flash drives are needed. Same thing with phones/tablets.

Cloud storages have become popular. Now they will not surprise anyone. Following Dropbox, analogs were created by Google (Google Drive) and Microsoft (OneDrive). 

The choice of cloud storage is yours. Be sure to store the works – the most valuable thing that you ditched the most time for – in several clouds at once.


The work of the writer is not only the addition of stories but also constant reading. That’s why you not only need to have a relevant essay writer software but also to be aware of what is happening around us. If you are not going to visit 5-50 sites every morning, but want to keep abreast of updates – this tool is for you.

From time to time, publishers make announcements of collections on their websites and invite them to participate. But this does not mean that you should look at the publisher’s website every morning or once a week: is there an ad? Have I missed it? No, you need a program that will report a new publication as soon as it appears. Even if you forgot to look at the site. Even if you do not remember the name of the site.


This great essay writing program is also aimed at improving the spiritual condition of the writer in order to obtain successful results. The essay writer software has a simple interface that will not distract you from work. In addition, OmmWriter provides a range of soothing sounds and visual elements to gain inspiration and help you focus.


Instead of focusing on the practicality and simplicity of the material, ZenWriter essay writer software offers a wide selection of tools to make you feel comfortable while writing. The application allows you to customize the sounds and music that accompanies your work process and create a background that will inspire or customize your text in the right way.

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